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ACTIVITIES RECORD FROM 1948 TO 2017 (Men, Women , Junior)


1948XIV Olympiad, Olympic GamesMen Sr.London, United KingdomJuly 31 – August 13 1948741222104thView
1948Tour to Europe (Post Olympics)Men Sr.Holland, Geneva, Burussels, Mirano, Cairo1948651271GoldView
19504-Nation World Hockey ChampionshipMen Sr.Barcelona195032172Pak & Ned joint winnerView
1950Egypt XI vs PAK XI (Post Barcelona)Men Sr.Amsterdam(NED)195033133WonView
1952XV Olympiad, Olympic Games Men Sr.Helsinki, FinlandMarch 26, 1902312724thView
1952Test in Netherland, Germeny (Post Olympic)Men Sr.Netherland, Germeny195221184DrawView
1952Test in FranceMen Sr.France195211--72WonView
1954West Germany tour of PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan1954431167WonView
1955Pakistan Tour – Ceylon, Singapore & MalaysiaMen Sr.Ceylon, Singapore & Malaysia195544291WonView
1956 XVI Olympiad, Olympic GamesMen Sr.Melbourne, AustraliaJun 10, 1956 – Dec 8, 19565311104SilverView
1956Pre-OlympicsMen Sr.1956431222WonView
1956Post-OlympicsMen Sr.195633256WonView
19583rd Asian GamesMen Sr.Tokyo, JapanMay 24, 1958 – Jun 1, 1958431190GoldView
1958Pre-Asian Games Test SeriesMen Sr.New Zealand1958321102WonView
1958Post-Asian Games Test in Malaysia, Hong kong & SingaporeMen Sr.Malaysia, Hong kong & Singapor195833160WonView
1960Pre-Olympic Tour East AfricaMen Sr.East Africa1960541178WonView
1960Newzealanders in Karachi (Post-Olympic)Men Sr.Karachi, Pakistan19601121WonView
1960Pre-Olympic at RomeMen Sr.Rome1960321132WonView
1960XVII Olympiad, Olympic GamesMen Sr.Rome, ItalyAugust 25 to September 11, 196066251GoldView
1961Pakistan Toured  Malaysia, Singapore & CeylonMen Sr. Malaysia, Singapore & Ceylon1961651232WonView
1962Tour to East Africa (Pre-Asian Games)Men Sr.East Africa19627421122WonView
1962Singapore XI vs Pak XI (Post-Asian Games)Men Sr.Singapore19622280WonView
19624th Asian GamesMen Sr.Jakarta, Indonesia24 to 4 Sep, 196266331GoldView
1962Kenya Team tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan1962532102WonView
1963Lyons FestivalMen Sr.Lyon, France196374121434thView
1963Post-FestivalMen Sr.196355186WonView
1964Tour of Japan TeamMen Sr.Japan196432151WonView
1964Pre-Olympic TourMen Sr.1964211204DrewView
1964Pre-Olympic TokyoMen Sr.Tokyo196433260WonView
1964XVIII Olympiad, Olympic GamesMen Sr.Tokyo, Japan10 to 24 Oct 1964871204SilverView
1964Holland tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19641111LostView
1965Pakistan tours IndonesiaMen Sr.Indonesia196522160WonView
1965Pakistan tours Kenya, Tanzania & UgandaMen Sr.Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda19659441115LostView
1966International Festival HamburgMen Sr.Hamburg, Germany1966732285WonView
1966Pre-Festival Tour of EuropeMen Sr.Europe196665171WonView
1966West Germany tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan196643161WonView
1966Pakistan tours KenyaMen Sr.Kenya1966632142WonView
1966Pre-Asian Games BangkokMen Sr.Bangkok196622120WonView
1966V Asiad, 5th Asian GamesMen Sr.Bangkok, Thailand9 to 20 December, 19665311232SilverView
1967Holland tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan196732162WonView
1967Australia tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19673372WonView
1967Pre-Festival at LondonMen Sr.London, UK19672231WonView
1967Post-Festival tour of HollandMen Sr.Holland196721142WonView
1967Pre-Olympic Festival at LondonMen Sr.London, UK196753264WonView
1968International Tournament Men Sr.Lahore, Pakistan196864280WonView
1968Kenya Tours PakistanMen Sr.Lahore, Pakistan19681130WonView
1968International TournamentMen Sr.Nairobi, Kenya1968532250WonView
1968Post Tournament ToursMen Sr.196843150WonView
1968Japan Tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19683371WonView
1968Post-Olympic Tours East GermanyMen Sr.East Germany19682213WonView
1968Pre-Olympic at MexicoMen Sr.Mexico1968421172WonView
1968XIX Olympiad, Olympic Games Men Sr.MexicoOct 12 – Oct 27, 196899265GoldView
1969International Tournament at LahoreMen Sr.Lahore, Pakistan196966180GoldView
1969Pakistan tours Europe & EgyptMen Sr.Europe & Egypt19691082275WonView
1969Argentina tours PakistanMen Sr.Lahore, Pakistan196922141WonView
1970Pakistan tours KenyaMen Sr.Kenya197021131DrewView
19706th Asian GameMen Sr.Bangkok, Thailand9 to 20 December 1970541190GoldView
19711st Men's Hockey World CupMen Sr.Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain15–24 October 19716411149GoldView
1972XX Olympiad, Olympic GamesMen Sr.Munich, GermanyAug 26, 1972 – Sep 11, 19729612197SilverView
1973Pre-World Cup tour of Spain & BelgiumMen Sr.Spain & Belgium1973431135WonView
1973Post-World Cup tour of Spain & EgyptMen Sr.Spain & Egypt19733382WonView
19732nd Men's Hockey World CupMen Sr.Amsterdam, Netherlands24 August to 2 September 197374121674thView
1974International Tournament Christ ChurchMen Sr.Christ Church, New Zealand197466214GoldView
1974Pre-Tournament tour to AustraliaMen Sr.Australia19745311119WonView
1974 7th Asian GamesMen Sr.Tehran, Iran1 to 16 Sep 1974651371GoldView
1975Australia tours PakistanMen Sr.Lahore, Pakistan197531264WonView
19753rd World Cup – Kuala LumpurMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1 to 15 March 19757421209SilverView
1975Pre-Olympic InternationalMen Sr.Montreal, Canada1975532159SilverView
1975Pakistan tours EgyptMen Sr.Egypt19751150WonView
1975West Germany tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan197533127WonView
1976XXI Olympiad, Olympic GamesMen Sr.Montreal, Quebec, CanadaJuly 17 to 1 Aug 197664112010BronzeView
1976Quaid-e-Azam CentenaryMen Sr.Karachi, Pakistan197666313GoldView
1977Jr. World Cup U-21 (Asia-Oceania Zone Qualifying Leg)Men Jr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia197765104701st View
1978Japan Tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19781140WonView
1978Pak-Ind Test SeriesMen Sr.Mumbai/Bangalore , India / Lahore/Karachi, Pakistan9 to 19 Feb, 1978 431125WonView
19784th World CupMen Sr.Buenos Aires, Argentina21 March to 2 April 197888354GoldView
19781st Champions TrophyMen Sr.Gaddafi Stadium, LahoreNov 17, 1978 – Nov 24, 197844155GoldView
1978 8th Asian GamesMen Sr.Bangkok9 to 20, Dec, 197855342GoldView
1978Junior Team tourMen Jr.Europe 1978241752--WONView
1979Essenda CupMen Sr.Perth, Australia197966338GoldView
1979Pakistan tours Holland & EgyptMen Sr.Holland & Egypt19798622818WonView
19791st Men Jr. World CupMen Jr.Versailles (Near Paris France)Aug , 197977002931stView
19802nd Champions TrophyMen Sr.Karachi, Pakistan3–11 January, 198066329GoldView
19804-Nation Kuala LumpurMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia198033113GoldView
1980Post Tournament TourMen Sr.198033102WonView
1980Pakistan tours Zimbabwe & KenyaMen Sr.Zimbabwe & Kenya19801111415WonView
1980Kenya tours PakistanMen Sr.Karachi, Pakistan19801111DrewView
1980Junior Team for EuropeMen Jr.Europe19801811365734WONView
19813rd Champions Trophy Men Sr.Karachi, Pakistan9-16 January, 1981521213114thView
1981International Tournament Men Sr.Singapore19813372GoldView
1981Puma TrophyMen Sr.Frankfurt, Germany198132167BronzeView
1981Pegot TrophyMen Sr.Amsterdam , Holland198132197SilverView
1981Poznan TrophyMen Sr.Poland19812291GoldView
1981Dutch tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19811132WonView
1981Pak-Ind Test SeriesMen Sr.Mumbai/Kolkata India, Lahore/Krachi, PaksiatnNov 21 to 30 Nov, 198142111411WonView
19825th World Cup – BombayMen Sr.Bombay, India29 December 1981 to 12 January 1982773812GoldView
19821st Men's Asia Cup Men Sr.Karachi, PakistanMarch 12-20, 198266511GoldView
1982Pak-Ind Test SeriesMen Sr.Karachi, Pakistan19822282WonView
19824th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Amsterdam , Holland6–13 June 1982521221194thView
1982Pakistan tours JapanMen Sr.Japan198222113WonView
1982Asian Games Men Sr.New Delhi198255372GoldView
1982Essenda CupMen Sr.Melbourne198263323136thView
1982Pakistan India Junior SeriesMen Jr.Feb,19828431118WONView
19822nd Men Jr. World Cup 1982 Men Jr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia941128103rdView
19835-Nation – Kuala LumpurMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur1983521298SilverView
19835th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Karachi, Pakistan1983532106SilverView
1983Pak-Australia Test SeriesMen Sr.198321166DrewView
1983Golden Jubilee Hong KongMen Sr.Hong Kong1983651248SilverView
1983Pakistan Junior Team’s Tour to Germany and Holland Men Jr.Germany and Holland 1983116141916WONView
1983Irish vs Pakistan Test Match WomenKarachi/Lahore1983WonView
1984Kenya Tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan 19841122DrewView
1984Russia tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan 198433162WonView
1984Pak-Ind Test SeriesMen Sr.Pakistan 198431213LostView
1984Pakistan tours EuropeMen Sr.Europe19841712323820WonView
1984Malaysian vs Pakistan WomenKHI/UET/LHE/RWP1984WonView
1984Pre-Olympic Tour to CanadaMen Sr.Canada1984321113WonView
1984XXIII Olympiad Olympic Games Men Sr.Los Angeles, California, United StatesJuly 28 to Aug 12, 1984743198GoldView
1984Malaysia Junior in PakistanMen Jr.Pakista19845401192WONView
1984W.GERMAN JUNIOR IN PAKISTANMen Jr.Pakistan 19846500174WONView
19842nd Junior World cup 1984Men Jr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia198454012323rdView
1984Australia Junior in Pakistan Men Jr.Pakistan 19844013613LOSSView
198460th Anniversary of FIHMen Sr.Brussels19841124LostView
19846th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Karachi, Pakistan7–14 December 19845311148WonView
19852nd Asia CupMen Sr.Dhaka, Bangladesh198566312GoldView
1985France tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19851130WonView
1985Belgium tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19852242WonView
19857th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Perth, Australia16–24 November 198552121010DrewView
19852nd Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia19854211104BronzeView
1985Malaysia Junior in Pakistan Men Jr.Pakistan 19854310134WONView
19853rd World Cup Junior U-21 Men Jr.Vancouver, CanadaAugust 1, 198565102263rdView
1985Chinese vs Pakistan WomenLahore /UET/Karachi1985WonView
19864-Nation DubaiMen Sr.Dubai, UAE1986311156BronzeView
19864-Nation KuwaitMen Sr.Kuwait1986311166SilverView
1986Pak-Ind Test SeriesMen Sr.Kolkata, Kolhapur, Hyderabad (india) | Sialkot, Sargodha, Islamabad, Karachi (Pakistan)15 Feb to 2 March 198672231619LostView
19868th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Karachi, Pakistan4–11 April 1986513176BronzeView
1986Japan tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan198622152WonView
1986Pakistan tours to EuropeMen Sr.Europe19861410133116WonView
1986West German Junior Hockey team in PakistanMen Jr.Pakistan19863300--WONView
1986Kenya Junior Team in Pakistan Men Jr.Pakistan1986210152DrawView
1986Zimbabwe vs Pakistan WomenKarachi, Lahore1986WonView
19864-Nation Tournament LeningradMen Sr.Leningrad, Russia198632163SilverView
198610th Asian GamesMen Sr.Seoul, South KoreaSep 20, 1986 – Oct 5, 1986532245SilverView
19866th Men's Hockey World CupMen Sr.London, United KingdomOct 4, 1986 – Oct 19, 1986734131611thView
19873rd Azlan Shah Cup Men Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia19874311510SilverView
1987Poland tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19871121WonView
19879th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Amstelveen, Netherlands19-28 June 19877169167thView
1987Lada International – LondonMen Sr.London198732164SilverView
1987Asia XI tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19871141WonView
1987South Korea tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan198722111WonView
1987Junior Team to West Germany Men Jr.West Germany 19879702--WONView
19871st JUNIOR ASIA CUP (Record: Pak vs Macao 55-0)Men Jr.Karachi, Pakistan198766007911stView
1987Pak-Netherlands Test SeriesMen Sr.Pakistan198753299WonView
1988Indira Gandhi – LucknowMen Sr.Lucknow, India198855171GoldView
1988African XI tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19882282WonView
198810th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Lahore, PakistanMar 25-Apr 1, 198853293SilverView
1988Prague International IpohMen Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia1988431152BronzeView
1988Marshalls TournamentMen Sr.Nairobi, Kenya19886411209SilverView
19883-Nation NairobiMen Sr.Nairobi, Kenya198833152GoldView
1988Pakistan tours ZimbabweMen Sr.Zimbabwe198844262WonView
1988Pak-Ind Test SeriesMen Sr.Lahore, Karachi, Quetta (Pakistan), Delhi, Lucknow , Gwalior (India)Jul 29 to 11 Aug, 198862221010DrewView
1988Exhibition Match IndiaMen Sr.Agra, India19881114LostView
1988XXIV Olympiad Olympic GamesMen Sr.SeoulSep 17, 1988 – Oct 2, 19887521895thView
1988World Junior Cup Asian Qualifying Tournament Men Jr.New Delhi, IndiaOct, 19886600473WON View
1989Indira Gandhi Cup – LucknowMen Sr.Lucknow, India1989541134GoldView
198911th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Berlin, West GermanyJune 10–18, 19895329124thView
1989England tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan19892292WonView
1989Japan tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan198922141WonView
19893rd Asia CupMen Sr.New Delhi, IndiaDecember 20 to 28, 1989431114GoldView
1989Junior BMW Trophy - Amsterdam -Men Jr.Amsterdam, Netherlands19894400132WONView
19894th Junior World Cup Men Jr.Ipoh, MalaysiaAUG, 1989760133133rdView
19907th Men's Hockey World CupMen Sr.Lahore, Pakistan12 to 23 February 199074121310SilverView
1990Pakistan tours EuropeMen Sr.Europe199042298DrewView
1990BMW Trophy – AmsterdamMen Sr.Amsterdam, Netherlands199064111812SilverView
1990XI Asiad Asian GamesMen Sr.Beijing, ChinaSep 22, 1990 – Oct 7, 199066425GoldView
199012th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Melbourne, AustraliaNovember 17 to November 25, 199052312115thView
19916-Nation – MadridMen Sr.Madrid, Spain1991312355thView
19914-Nation – MulhemMen Sr.Mulhem, France199131275BronzeView
19914-Nation – ParisMen Sr.Paris, France1991321167SilverView
19914th Azlan Shah Men Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1991541289SilverView
1991Pakistan tours England & IrelandMen Sr.England & Ireland1991871277WonView
199113th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Berlin, GermanySeptember 12–22, 19915311148SilverView
1991Under 21 Team for EuropeMen Jr.EuropeJune 1, 199197112616WONView
199214th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Karachi, PakistanFebruary 20–28, 1992642146BronzeView
1992BMW Trophy – AmsterdamMen Sr.Amsterdam, Netherlands1992431107GoldView
1992XXV Olympiad Olympic Games Men Sr.Barcelona, Spain26 July to 8 August 19927612511BronzeView
19922nd Junior Asia CupMen Jr.Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaDecember 1, 199266003151stView
1993Holland tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan1993321118WonView
1993France tours PakistanMen Sr.Pakistan199344263WonView
1993Pakistan tours Holland & FranceMen Sr.Holland & France199355288WonView
199315th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJuly 3–11, 1993621312144thView
1993Pakistan tours GermanyMen Sr.Germany199331259LostView
19934-Nation HamburgMen Sr.Hamburg199332154SilverView
1993IVth Asia CupMen Sr.Hiroshima, Japan5 to November 14, 1993541388BronzeView
19935th World Junior Cup Men Jr.Terrassa, Spain8– September 19, 199364111962nd View
199416th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Lahore, PakistanMarch 17–25, 1994642146GoldView
1994Pakistan tours GermanyMen Sr.Germany19945122915LostView
1994NCM Trophy – AmsterdamMen Sr.Amsterdam, Netherlands19946422313BronzeView
19945th Azlan ShahMen Sr.Penang, Malaysia199453111410SilverView
1994XII Asiad Asian GamesMen Sr.Hiroshima, Japan2 to October 16, 1994651274BronzeView
1994Pakistan tours New ZealandMen Sr.New Zealand199432173WonView
19948th Hockey Men's World CupMen Sr.Sydney, Australia23 November to 4 December 19947421126GoldView
1995Exhibition Match against GermanyMen Sr.Germany19951111DrewView
1995Kazakhstan vs Pakistan womenWomen1995WonView
199517th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Berlin, GermanySeptember 23 to October 1, 1995631288BronzeView
1995Tri-Angular TournamentMen Sr.1995642811BronzeView
19954-Nation – BrusselsMen Sr.Brussels19953383GoldView
19954-Nation SpainMen Sr.Spain199532172SilverView
1995SAF Games – ChennaiMen Sr.Madras, India1995431397SilverView
1995World Youth U-18 Pakistan Men Jr.Rawalpindi, PakistanDec, 199566003601st View
1996Pre-Olympic tour to CanadaMen Sr.Canada199632187WonView
1996Pre-Olympic TournamentMen Sr.Atlanta, United States1996541134GoldView
19964-Nation Milton KeynesMen Sr.Milton Keynes, England1996312611BronzeView
1996Islamic Solidarity Games 4-NationWomenIslamabad, Pakistan19964thView
1996Pakistan team visited ChinaWomenChina1996Won only one matchView
1996NCM Tournament – AmsterdamMen Sr.Amsterdam, Netherlands1996413711BronzeView
1996XXVI Olympiad Olympic GamesMen Sr.Atlanta, United StatesJuly 20 to August 2, 1996731314126thView
199618th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Madras, India7–15 December 199663121513SilverView
19963rd Junior Asia CupMen Jr.Singapore June, 199655002521stView
1997Golden Jubilee Tournament Men Sr.Karachi, Pakistan5141714BronzeView
1997Pak-Australia test seriesMen Sr.6331413DrewView
1997Golden Jubilee Tournament WomenLahore, Pakistan4thView
19974-Nation BredaMen Sr.1997312810BronzeView
1997Post Tournament GermanyMen Sr.19971103LostView
199719th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Adelaide Australia11–19 October 1997 611414205thView
1998Pak-Ind Test SeriesMen Sr.Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi (Pakistan), Delhi, Jalandhar , Hyderabad, Chennai (India)October 13, 190184131713WonView
1998Exhibition Match BangaloreMen Sr.Bangalore, India19981140WonView
1998Charity Match – HollandMen Sr.Netherlands19981124LostView
1998Pre-World Cup tour BelgiumMen Sr.Belgium199821185DrewView
19989th Men's Hockey World CupMen Sr.Utrecht, Holland20 June – 1 July 199875226165thView
1998XVI Commonwealth Games – KLMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSep 11, 1998 – Sep 21, 19984121111111thView
199820th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Lahore, PakistanOct 31-Nov 8, 199862221817SilverView
1998XIII Asiad Asian GamesMen Sr.Bangkok, Thailand6 – Dec 20, 19986411215SilverView
1999Pakistan-India Test SeriesMen Sr.Delhi, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Chennai(India) Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi (pakistan)3 to 24 Feb 199995132721WonView
19999th Azlan Shah – KLMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1999662911GoldView
199921st Champions TrophyMen Sr.Brisbane, Australia10–20 June 1999613210126thView
19994-Nation AmstelveenMen Sr.Amstelveen, Holland199941121518GoldView
19994-Nation WaitangiMen Sr.Waitangi, New Zealand1999321178SilverView
1999Tour of SwitzerlandMen Sr.Switzerland1999211107DrewView
19995th Asia Cup – Kuala LumpurMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia18 to 28, November 1999651398SilverView
2000Test Matches against AustraliaMen Sr.Australia2000311156DrewView
2000Test Matches against New ZealandMen Sr.New Zealand200043193WONView
200010th Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia16 to 26 Feb 2000 761168GoldView
2000Men's Field Hockey Olympic QualifierMen Sr.Osaka – Japan9–20, March 200074123017SilverView
2000XXVII Olympiad 2000 Summer Olympic GamesMen Sr.Sydney, AustraliaSep 15, 2000 – Oct 1, 2000723218134thView
2001Prime Minister Gold Cup DhakaMen Sr.Dhaka, BangladeshMar 10, 2001651217SilverView
2001Test Series against SpainMen Sr.Spain200121195DrewView
2001Test match against GermanyMen Sr.Germany20011112LostView
2001Test match against BelgiumMen Sr.Belgium200111LostView
20014-Nation Tournament HamburgMen Sr.Hamburg200131111110SilverView
2001Test Series against NetherlandsMen Sr.Netherlands200121152WonView
200111th Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2 to 12 August 2001731323254thView
200123rd Champions TrophyMen Sr.Rotterdam, Netherlands 3-11 Nov 2001621316174thView
20026-Nation KLMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia541215GoldView
200210th World Cup KLMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia24 February to 9 March 200296323135thView
2002Test Series against SpainMen Sr.Spain2002431138WonView
2002XVII Commonwealth Games Men Sr.Manchester, United KingdomJul 25, 2002 – Aug 4, 20025411994thView
200224th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Kölner Stadtwald in Cologne, GermanyAugust 31 – September 8, 200264216123rdView
2002Busan Asian GamesMen Sr.Busan, South KoreaSep 29 – Oct 14, 200253230114thView
20024-Naton Cairo Jr.Men Jr.Cairo, Egypt 11-18 Oct 20024--4084thView
2003Test Series against MalaysiaMen Sr.Malaysia20033394WonView
200312th Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia2003541146GoldView
2003Twin 3-Nations TournamentMen Sr.Perth, Sydney Australia2003811614253rdView
200325th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Amsrterdam, Netherlands16–24, August 2003632125233rdView
20036th Men's Hockey Asia CupMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia21 to September 28, 20035412482ndView
20036-Nation Women CupWomenSingapore20034thView
20031st Afro-Asian GamesMen Sr.Hyderabad, IndiaOct 22 to Nov 1, 200353212112ndView
2003U-18 Boys KL Men Jr.Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJuly 23, 190153111342ndView
20037-Nation Akhbar Al-Youm CairoMen Jr.Cairo, Egypt2003633-1862ndView
200413th Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1st to 8th Jan 201874212116SilverView
2004Olympic Qualifying RoundMen Sr.Madrid, SpainMarch 2–13, 2004751121113rdView
20043-Nation Tournament BirminghamMen Sr.Birmingham, England2004422882ndView
20044-Nation Masters TournamentMen Sr.Hamburg, Germany2004321752ndView
20044-Nation Rabobank AmsterdamMen Sr.Amsrterdam, Netherlands200431210113rdView
20043-Nation/ Alca La Real (Spain)Men Sr.Spain200421153WonView
2004Olympic GamesMen Sr.Athens, Greece14 – 26 August 200475226105thView
2004PAK-IND Test Match SeriesMen Sr.Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta,Lahore (Pakisan) Delhi,Chandigadh, Amritsar, Hyderabad (India)July 19, 190184221715WonView
200426th SAMSUNG Champions TrophyMen Sr.Lahore, Pakistan4 – 12 December 200464212123rdView
20045th Men’s Jr. Asia Cup JuniorMen Jr.20 to 29 April 200465-145122ndView
2004Test Series with Malaysia Jr .Men Jr.Malaysia200443-1--WonView
2004Test Series against Netherlands Jr.Men Jr.Netherlands200442-2128DrawnView
20054-Nations Hamburg Masters TournamentMen Sr.339134thView
2005Rabobank TrophyAmsrterdamMen Sr.Amsrterdam, NetherlandsAugust 18 2005431124GoldView
200527th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Chennai, India10–18,December 2005612316215thView
200514th Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJune 15, 190164111283rdView
20058th Junior World Cup Men Jr.Rotterdam, Netherlands29 – July 10, 2005841317147thView
20056-Test Match Series against India Men Jr.India2005View
20056-Nation KL JuniorMen Jr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia26.3-3.4.2005651-2614WonView
2006Test Match Series Pakistan vs IndiaMen Sr.Rawalpindi, PakistanMay 28, 19016321129WonView
2006Commonwealth GamesMen Sr.Melbourne, Australia15 and 26 March 200663121715SilverView
2006World Cup QualifierMen Sr.Changzhou, Chaina12 to 23 April 2006732212124thView
2006Asian Games QualifierWomenKuala Lumpur, Malaysia5 to 9 June 20064th/qualifiedView
200615th Sultan Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia18 to 25,June 200642111065thView
2006SAHARA Champions TrophyMen Sr.Terrassa, Spain2006621314205thView
20064-Nation Hamburg MastersMen Sr.Hamburg25-27 Aug 20063129143rdView
2006BDO World Cup Men Sr.Mönchengladbach Germany6-17 Sep 2006722313136thView
200615th Asian Games Men Sr.Doha, Qatar1-15 December 200653112563rdView
20067th Challenge Cup Poland JuniorMen Jr.Poland2006531124103rdView
20064-Nation Singapore JuniorMen Jr.Singapore20061stView
200716th Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia5-13 May 07521213126thView
20074-Nation Tournament Men Sr.Moscow, Russia5-8 July 07431174GoldView
20074-Nation Olympic Test EventMen Sr.Beijing, China8-13 Aug 07413963rdView
20077th Asia CupMen Sr.Chennai , India31st Aug to 9th Sep 07631230106thView
200729th Champions TrophyMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia30 Nov – 9 Dec 2007822415227thView
2007Test Match vs. KenyaMen Jr.Kenya24-31 Mar 200754-11612WonView
2007Test Matches vs. EgyptMen Jr.Egypt2-8 Apr 2007WonView
20076-Nation Singapore 2 poolsMen Jr.Singapore17-21 Oct 200732-11933rdView
2008Test Match Series against Men Sr.China, Changzhou13-23 Mar 2008532129WONView
200817th Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Kuala Lumpur8-18 May 2008731319184thView
2008Test Matches against GermanyMen Sr.Germany2008LostView
2008Test Matches against BelgiumMen Sr.Belgium2008LostView
2008Test Matches against FranceMen Sr.France2008WonView
20084-Nation Setanta Trophy Men Sr.Dublin, Ireland11th to 15th June 08WonView
2008XXIXTH Olympic GamesMen Sr.Beijing, China8-24 August 200862413178th View
2008Test Match against RSAMen Jr.RSA16-26 Apr 2008651-206WonView
20088-Nation Kuala LumpurMen Jr.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia17-27 Jan 2008842229195thView
2008Junior Asia Cup Men Jr.India 11-18 July 2008531124113rdView
200918th Sultan Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia200951410104THView
20098th Men’s Asia CupMen Sr.Hyderabad – India9 to May 16, 2009421186SilverView
2009World Cup QualifierMen Sr. Lille, FranceOctober and November 2009651257GoldView
2009Champions Challenge-I Men Sr.Salta, Argentina6–13 December 200932175SILVERView
20093-Test Match Series against EnglandMen Sr.England30.06.200932164WONView
20094-Nation U-21 Johor BahruMen Jr.Johor Bahru, Malaysia12-15 March 200943-11561stView
20095-Nation Cairo Men Jr.Cairo, Egypt21-27 Mar 200955--3241stView
20099th Men's Junior World Cup Men Jr.Singapore/ Malaysia 7-21 June 200975-224145thView
2009U-18 Boys Asia Cup - MyanmarMen Jr.Myanmar4-12 Nov 200944--239GoldView
20102-Test Match Series against HollandMen Sr.Doha, QatarJan 18 20102266DRAWNView
201012th Hero Honda FIH World Cup Men Sr.New Delhi, India28 February to 13 March 2010615111912thView
201019th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Men Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia6-16 May 2010732226115thView
20104th Men’s Champion Club Cup Men Sr.Matale, Sri Lanka5-13 June 2010
20103rd Men’s Indoor Asia CupMen Jr.Ipoh, Malaysia6-11 July 201062411164th View
20104-Nation Tournament Men Sr.Dalian, China7-11 July 2010422410BRONZEView
20101st Summer Youth Olympics Men Jr.Singapore14-26 Aug 20105413012SILVERView
2010XIX Commonwealth Games Men Sr.New Delhi, India3-14 Oct 201052313126th View
201016th Asian GamesMen Sr.Guangzhou, chaina12-26 Nov 2010651329GOLDView
20101st Summer Youth Olympics Men Jr.Singapore14-26 Aug 201054-130122ndView
201120th Sultan Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.IPOH, Malaysia5-15 May 20117431715SILVERView
20113rd Boys U-18 Asia Cup Men Jr.Singapore17-26 June 2011651602SILVERView
2011UCD 4-Nation Tournament Men Sr.Dublin, Ireland20-25 June 201143198GOLDView
20114-Nation Rabo TournamentMen Sr.Amsterdam, Netherlands28 Jun – 2 Jul 2011312384thView
20114-Test Match Series in Egypt Men Jr.Egypt 6-12 Aug 2011421177WONView
20111st Men’s Asian ChampionsMen Sr.Trophy – ORDOS3-11 Sept 201163121514SILVERView
20113-Nation TournamentMen Sr.Perth, Australia20-23 Oct 201151221118GOLDView
2011International Super SeriesMen Sr.Perth, Australia25 Oct to 4 Nov 201141286BRONZEView
201133rd Champions Trophy Men Sr.Auckland, New Zealand3-11 Dec 201162415187thView
2011Test Match Series Pak vs ChinaMen Sr.Karachi, Faisalabad & Lahore21-25 Dec 201144134WONView
20111st Sultan Ibrahim Cup Men Jr.Johor Bahru, Malaysia 5-12 Nov 201162-46125thView
2012Test Match against Malaysian & Korean JuniorMen Jr.National Hockey Stadium Lahore6-13 Apr 2012 5321717WonView
20127th Junior Asia CupMen Jr.Malacca, Malaysia3-13 May 201253112424SilverView
201221st Sultan Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.IPOH, Malaysia24 May to 3 June 2012615997thView
2012European Tour – Belgium, Germany & HollandMen Sr.Belgium, Germany & Holland 9-18 June 2012411288
20126th Women’s Junior Asia CupWomen Jr.Bangkok27 Jun – 8 Jul 2012514448thView
201230th Olympic Games Men Sr.London27 July to 11 August 2012631212127thView
20123rd Women’s Asia CupWomenSingapore6-16 Dec 2012624445thView
201234th Champions Trophy Men Sr.Melbourne, Australia1–9 December 2012 42-266 3rdView
20122nd Asian Champions Trophy Men Sr.Qatar, Doha20-27 Dec 201253112212 1stView
201322nd Sultan Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.IPOH, Malaysia6-17 March 2013612311116thView
20132nd U-16 Boys Asia CupMen Jr.Singapore4-7 April 2013666464Gold View
2013World Hockey League Men Sr.Johor Bahru, Malaysia30 Jun – 7 July 2013622222227thView
20139th Men’s Asia CupMen Sr.IPOH, Malaysia24 Aug – 1 Sept 201354128283rdView
2013Asian Women’s Challenge Cup WomenBangkok2-8 Sept 2013624444thView
20133rd Sultan of Johor Junior Tournament Men Jr.Johor Bahru, Malaysia19-29 Sept 201363315154th View
2013International Super SeriesMen Sr.Perth, 17-25 Oct 2013411211114th View
20133rd Men’s Asian Champions Trophy Men Sr.Kakamigahara,Japan2-10 Nov 20136512424GoldView
201310th Men’s Junior World CupMen Jr.New Delhi,India7-14 Dec 2013531115159th View
20142nd Youth Olympic GamesMen Jr.Nanjing, China 16-28 August 2014751145455th View
201417th Asian Games Men Sr.Incheon, Korea19 Sept – 4 Oct 20146513535Silver View
2014Hero Honda Champions TrophyMen Sr.Bhubaneswar6-14 Dec 20146241111Silver  View
20154 Nation Tournament Men Sr.Hobart Australia2-10 May 201552344LossView
2015Hockey Test SeriesMen Sr.Korea 15 May -23 May 201530219LossView
2015Hockey World League Semi Finals Men Sr.Antwerp, Belgium20 Jun – 5 July 201571242178thView
2015Sultan of Johor  CupMen Jr.Johor Bahru Malaysia11-18 Oct 201550145176thView
2015Asia Cup Junior Men Sr.Kuantan, Malaysia14-22 November 2015650121112ndView
2016Sultan Azlan Shah CupMen Sr.Ipoh, Malaysia 6-16 April 201630125104thView
20163 Matches Test Series with Spain Men Sr.Terrassa Spain 29 Aug – 1st Sep 2016302189LossView
2016U-18 Oman  vs Pak 4 Test Match SeriesMen Jr.Lahore Pakistan16 Sep – 20 Sep 20165320196WonView
20164th Under 18 Boys Asia Cup Men Sr.Dhaka Bangladesh24 Sep – 30 Sep 20164314543rdView
2016AHF women Cup WomenBangkok Thailand1st – 9th oct 2016512215114thView
2016Asia Champion Trophy (Men) Men Sr.Kuantan Malaysia20th– 30th Oct 2016731316142ndView
2016Sultan of JohorMen Jr.Johor Bahru, Malaysia31stOct – 6th Nov 201663121217LossView
20175 Test Match Series New ZealandMen Sr.New Zealand 17th to 23rd March 201752211113WonView
20174 Test Matches Series Men Sr.Australia20th  – 1st April 2017404416LossView
20173 Test Match SeriesMen Sr.Belfast Ireland1st - 4thJune 2017301268LossView
2017Hockey World League (Semi Final Round)Men Sr.London (ENG)15th June – 25th June 20177259287thView
2017Oman Pakistan Friendship CupDevelopment SquadSultan Qaboos Stadium , Muscat , Oman 9th Sep – 15th Sep 20175320158WonView
2017Hero Asia Cup 2017 Men Sr.Dhaka , Bangladesh 11 to 22-oct-2017 7 2 2 3 19163rdView
20173rd Women’s Asian Challenge  WomenBandar Seri Begawan, Brunei22 – 29 October 201742028102ndView
2017Festival International HockeyMen Sr.Melbourne, Australia 8-12 Nov 201740045172ndView
2018Women’s Asian Games Qualifier 2018WomenBangkok, Thailand12 – 20 January 20186 1 0 5 23 3 5thView
2018World XI tour to PakistanMen Jr.Karachi, Lahore Pakistan10 Jan – 21 Jan 2018201148LossView
2018Tri Angular SeriesMen Sr.Sultan Qaboos Stadium , Muscat , Oman 14th to 20th of February 201842201172ndView