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Coin Toss
Hockey Basics Here you will be able to learn the basic rules, regulations, trends and fundamentals of playing field hockey. Pakistan being a pioneer in...

Hockey Rules

HOCKEY RULES SUMMARY: Hockey is played on a field, frequently referred to as the "pitch". The field is a rectangular area measuring 91.4m length by...

The battle for survival

Pak vs India Hockey Match Acton Photo
The FIH Hockey World League Semi-final round in London is scheduled from June 15-25. The competition has an added importance. It doubles up as...

Green Shirts vs Green Machine

Pak vs Newze land
Pakistan, record four -times World Cup winners, had failed to qualify for the World Cup in 2014. They also failed to qualify for the...

Pakistan Hockey Tournament Records 1948 to 2017

Pakistan Hockey Tournament records Hockey Data of Pakistan Team from 1947 to 2018 Format Matches Played Won Drawn Lost Goal for Pakistan Goals Against Pakistan %Won %Won, tied or drawn Olympics 107 70 11 25 294 140     World Cups 78 48 8 22 221 114     Champions Trophy 175 84 30 67 423 391     Asian Games 81 66 8 8 438 64     Azlan Shah Cup 117 59 16 42 320 249     Total...

Efforts Needed To Groom Female Hockey Umpires, Binish

akistan's first ever and only international hockey umpire, binish hayat
Pakistan's first ever and only international hockey umpire.. Binish hayat believes that greater efforts are needed on part of pakistan hockey federation to groom female...

Pakistan Hockey History: The 1990 Men´s Hockey World Cup

Pakistan Hockey History: The 1990 Men’s Hockey World Cup: The FIH Hockey World Cup celebrated at the National Hockey Stadium, in Lahore, Pakistan, was the...

Hall of fame: Shahbaz Ahmed — the Maradona of Hockey

In the assembly line of hockey stalwarts from Pakistan, forwards have made a telling contribution. Islahuddin Siddiqui, Hassan Sardar, Shahnaz Sheikh, Samiullah, Tahir Zaman...

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