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Pakistan Hockey Team Song


1: Ijaz Chaudhry: PHF Media Manager

Pakistan Hockey has taken great strides recently, on and off the field. This week we talk to Ijaz Chaudhry, Media Manager for the Pakistan Hockey Federation, about the state of the game and hoopes for the future.

Ijaz Chaudhry: Podcast #1  runs 54:58 Courtesy: thereversestick.net

2: Grant Schubert: Gold Medal Olympian and World XI Member

Grant Schubert is a gold medal winning Olympian and member of the World XI who took on Pakistan recently. We talk to him about those experiences and find out what he is up to these days.
Grant Schubert: Gold Medal Olympian : Podcast #34  runs 32:03 

Audio Courtesy : http://thereversestick.net