Canada beat Pakistan's Development Squad 3-0

In the first of the five match hockey series, Canada defeated Pakistan Development squad 3-0 at Tamanawis Park, Surrey.
The hosts settled down quickly and took an early lead when Gordon Johnston converted the first penalty corner with a high flick. However, it was more or less an even play in the first quarter.
Canada appeared a better side during the next 15 minutes. After wasting a penalty corner, they doubled the lead through open play. A good attack from the right side saw a fine back pass to Sukhi, one of the two Panesar brothers, standing unmarked at the top of the circle. Sukhi found the net with a strong hit.
Pakistani players were seen slipping on the surface quite a few times while the Canadians appeared more comfortable.
In the second half, the visitors probably got adapted to the pitch and had better of the exchanges. Three penalty corners came their way but went unutilised. In the waning minutes, Canada had their third goal against the run of play. Again, after a right side move, the ball was passed back and Mathew Sarmento put it in on the rebound.
It is worth mentioning that the hosts are fielding their national (first string) side while the development squad is Pakistan’s second string. Their national team is in Holland for the Champions Trophy. The boys inexperience showed at times.

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