PHF Official Website of Pakistan Hockey Federation Mon, 11 Nov 2019 07:44:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 136672476 36th National Junior Hockey Championship at National Hockey Stadium Lahore Thu, 07 Nov 2019 10:58:44 +0000 Pakistan Hockey Federation is organizing 36th National Junior Hockey Championship at National Hockey Stadium Lahore from 28th November to 8th December 2019.
All Provincial and Departmental teams will participate in this championship. PHF would spot talent and also widens the base from where a strong and formidable side would be prepared and groomed for the Junior Asia Cup 2020.
The Players born on and after 1st January 1999 shall be eligible to participate. The PHF has appointed “Age Credential Check Committee” and local NADRA staff to verify and check the ages of the players and shall apply “Bone Test” or may resort to “Facial Scrutiny” to disqualify the over-age players.
The Committee consists on following members:

  1. Manzoor Hussian Junior
  2. Khawaja Muhammad Junaid
  3. Col (R) Muhammad Asif Naz Khokhar
  4. Syed Asad Abbas

Championship will be played according to the Tournament Regulation issued by FIH/ enforced by the PHF and governed by the rules of the Game.


چھتسویں نیشنل جونیئر ہاکی چیمپینشپ  28 نومبرسے 8 دسمبر 2019 تک نیشنل ہاکی اسٹیڈیم لاہورمیں منعقد ہورہی ہے۔

اس چیمپین شپ میں تمام صوبائی اور ڈیپاڑٹمنٹل ٹیمیں حصہ لیں گی۔

اس چیمپین شپ میں یکم جنوری 1999 کو یا اس کے بعد پیدا ہونے والے کھلاڑی حصہ لینے کے اہل ہوں گے۔ پی ایچ ایف نے کھلاڑیوں کی عمر کی تصدیق اور جانچ پڑتال کے لئے “ایج کریڈینشل چیک کمیٹی” اور مقامی نادرا کے عملے کا تقرر کیا ہے بون ٹیسٹ اورچہرے کی جانچ پڑتال بھی کریں گے ، جس کے بعد زیادہ عمر کے کھلاڑیوں کو نااہل یا اہل کرنے کافیصلہ کیا جاے گا۔

کمیٹی مندرجہ ذیل ممبروں پر مشتمل ہے

جناب منظور حسین جونیئر

خواجہ محمد جنید

لیفٹیننٹ کرنل (ر) محمد آصف ناز کھوکھر

ڈاکٹر سید اسد عباس

چیمپین شپ ایف آئی ایچ کے جاری کردہ / ٹورنامنٹ ریگولیشن کے مطابق کھیلی جائے گی جو پی ایچ ایف کے  قواعد کے تحت نافذ کیے جاتے ہے



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President PHF’s brother Arif Ijaz Khokhar died today Thu, 07 Nov 2019 07:55:52 +0000 President Pakistan Hockey Federation Brig (R) Khalid Sajjad Khokahr and Secretary Punjab Hockey Association Col (R) Asif Naz Khokhar’s brother Arif ijaz Khokhar died today. Secretary General Pakistan Hockey Federation Muhammad Asif Bajwa and the Entire PHF family expresses their deepest sympathies on this sad occasion. May the soul of the departed rest in eternal peace. May Allah Almighty give them and their family strength to bear this huge loss. The Janaza (funeral) prayer will be held on Saturday , 9th November after dhuhr prayer (1:00 PM), at Lahore.

إِنَّا للّه وإِنّا إِلَیهِ رَاجِعُونَ

پاکستان ہاکی فیڈریشن کے صدر بریگیڈیئر ر خالد سجاد کھوکھراورسیکرٹری پنجاب ہاکی ایسوسی ایشن کرنل ر آصف ناز کھوکھر کے بھائی عارف اعجاز کھوکھر قضائے الہی سے انتقال کرگئے ہیں۔ پاکستان ہاکی فیڈریشن کے سیکرٹری جرنل محمد آصف باجوہ ، اختررسول ، رانا مجاہد، قاسم ضیا، خواجہ جنید، کامران اشرف، خنیف خان، شاہد علی خان، ناصرعلی، سلیم شیروانی، سعید خان، خاورجاوید، کاشف جواد، قمر ابراہیم، رشید جونیر، شہناز شیخ اور تمام صوباءی سیکرٹری، سابق اولمپیئنز,سابق انٹر نیشنل کھلاڑیوں سمیت مرد و خواتین آفیشلز جانب سے تعزیت و گہرے دکھ کا اظہارکرتے ہوئے دعا کی ہے کہ اللہ پاک مرحوم کی مغفرت اورلواحقین کوصبرجمیل عطافرمائے۔آمین۔   مرحوم کی نماز جنازہ بروز ہفتہ دوپہرایک بجے 09 نومبر 2019 بعد نماز ظہرر لاہور میں ادا کی جائے گی

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Reopening Jafar Memorial Pavilion and New Memorial Ground Opening Ceremony Fri, 01 Nov 2019 12:11:28 +0000 In Recognition the services rendered by their student Syed Jafar Hussian, the Aitchison College has constructed a Memorial Pavilion and Memorial Synthetic Playfield in its premises. The Reopening Jafar Memorial Pavilion and New Memorial Ground Opening Ceremony of this rejuvenation will be held on the 2nd of November 2019 at 10:00 am at Aitchison College. During the opening Ceremony an exhibition match will be played between QASIM ZIA XI and HASSAN SARDAR XI comprised of National Hockey Team Players and Coaches. Ch Muhammad Sarwar honorable Governor of Punjab will grace the occasion as Chief Guest along with Brig retired Khalid Sajjad Khokhar President Pakistan Hockey Federation and Muhammad Asif Bajwa Secretary General PHF as guest of honor.

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Netherlands 6-1 Pakistan – NETHERLANDS QUALIFY FOR TOKYO 2020 Sun, 27 Oct 2019 16:52:42 +0000 The final hooter goes – the Netherlands have sealed their place at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, bouncing back from yesterday’s surprise 4-4 with a devastating display of attacking hockey to win 6-1 on the night and triumph 10-5 on aggregate. It is heart-break for three-times Olympic gold medallists Pakistan.

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Pakistan hold Netherlands to 4-4 draw in Olympic Hockey Qualifiers Sat, 26 Oct 2019 16:54:10 +0000 Former world Hockey champions but currently world number 17 Pakistan displayed best of their Hockey skills on Saturday to hold World number 3 Netherlands for a four-all draw in first of two-match Olympic Hockey Qualifiers.

Pakistan got the opportunity to take the early lead when they were awarded a penalty corner on the 5th minute of the first quarter of the match in Amstelveen.

And, the Green Shirts got the lead as a fizzing low penalty corner effort from Mubashar Ali rattles the Dutch back-board, giving the visitors the early advantage.

Immediately after Pakistan’s lead, the Dutch made counter-attack but Pakistan showed strong defensive discipline to fail the initial efforts by the hosts to score an equalizer, including to penalty corner efforts to keep the lead intact at the end of the first quarter.

Pakistan kept the ball possession in the first five minutes of the second quarter but a penalty stroke from Mink van der Weerden leveled the game for the Netherlands in the 20th minute as his smashed towards the right post after Pakistan goalkeeper Ali Amjad fouled Terrance Pieters.

With little over a minute to the equalizer, the Netherlands took the lead thru a stunning field goal by Bjorn Kellerman. Kellerman powered into the circle from the left smash the stunning backhand effort across the face of goal to sensational finish.

However, the lead couldn’t last long for the hosts as Pakistan got successive penalty corners in the 25th minute with Ghazanfar Ali converting it into the goal for Green Shirts to make it 2-2 ahead of the half-time whistle.

Pakistan once again got the lead in 38th minute when they were awarded a penalty corner and the green-shirts didn’t let the opportunity go in vain. The low drag-flick from the top of the circle is touched home brilliantly at the left post by captain Rizwan senior.

The visitors entered the field for the last quarter with 3-2 lead and kept it till 52nd minute when Robbert Kempermen scored the equalizer for the Netherlands, making it 3-3.

Both the team displayed skillful hockey in final five minutes of the game, Pakistan made desperate attempts to take the lead and they got the success when a penalty corner was awarded to them two minutes before the final whistle.

Pakistan scored their fourth penalty corner of the game to take a 4-3 lead before the final few moments of the contest as Mubashir Ali netted his second goal of the match thru a superb drag-flick which crashes against the backboard.

As Pakistan was heading towards final whistle with 4-3 lead, the referee awarded a penalty corner to the hosts in the last few seconds of the game allowing Mink van der Weerden to score a late equalizer.

With the first match being ended in 4-4 draw, both the teams will face each other once again on Sunday in the second leg of the qualifier and winner of the match will confirm the berth to Tokyo Olympics.

Both the teams are presently equal at the points and goals and If the equality remains in 60 minutes of play on Sunday, a shoot-out competition will be played to establish the winner.

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Pakistan’s Ambassador to Netherlands, Shujjat Ali Rathore hosted a dinner in the honour of visiting Pakistan National Hockey Team today at Pakistani Embassy at The Hague. Sat, 26 Oct 2019 16:07:47 +0000 Pakistan’s Ambassador to Netherlands, Shujjat Ali Rathore hosted a dinner in the honour of visiting Pakistan National Hockey Team today at Pakistani Embassy at The Hague.

National Hockey team ، president PHF brig (R) Khalid Sajjad khokhar, Secretary Muhammad Asif Bajwa and senior management of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) attended the dinner. The Pakistani Hockey Team is visiting Netherlands to play the Olympics 2020 Qualifier matches against Holland at Wagener Hockey Stadium, Amstelveen (NED) .


نیدرلینڈ میں پاکستان کے سفیر شجاعت علی راٹھور نے پاکستانی نیشنل ہاکی ٹیم کے اعزاز میں آج پاکستانی سفارتخانے میں عشائیہ دیا۔

قومی ہاکی ٹیم کے کھلاڑیوں, صدر پاکستان ہاکی فیڈریشن برگیڈیر ریٹائرڈ خالد سجاد کھوکھر، سیکرٹری جنرل محمد آصف باجوہ سمیت پاکستان ہاکی فیڈریشن (پی ایچ ایف) کی سینئر مینجمنٹ نے عشائیہ میں شرکت کی پاکستان ہاکی ٹیم ہالینڈ کے خلاف اولمپکس 2020 کوالیفائر راونڈ کے دو میچز کھیلنے کے لئے نیدرلینڈ کا دورہ کررہی ہے۔

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Germany beat Pakistan 6-2 in second hockey test Thu, 24 Oct 2019 07:32:14 +0000 Germany defeated Pakistan 6-2 in the second hockey match to win the series 2-0 in Mochangladbatch (Germany) Wednesday.

In the first match Tuesday, Germany got better of Pakistan 6-1.

For Pakistan Ghazanfar Ali (45th minute) and Rashid Mehmood (55th minute) were the scorers in the second test Wednesday. For Germany, Fuchs Florian (32th minute), Miltkau Marco (45th minute), Rühr Christopher 46th and 55th minute), Staib Constantin (57th minute) and Große Johannes (58th minute) were on target.

Pakistan team now heads for Holland to play back to back Olympic qualifying matches at Amstelveen on October 26 and on October 27.

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Standby players inducted in Pak squad for Olympic hockey qualifiers Tue, 22 Oct 2019 17:02:22 +0000 Pakistan national hockey team will participate in the Olympic Qualifier to be played in Amsterdam on 26th & 27th October 2019.

The visas of following two players are delayed:-

  1. Waqar (GK)
  2. Hammaduddin Anjum

The following two players sustained injuries during training sessions:-

  1. Muhammad Rizwan Senior
  2. Abu Bakar Mahmood

In consultation with the Chairman and Members of National Selection Committee following standby players will replace above four players:-

  1. Mazhar Abbas (GK)
  2. Muhammad Rizwan Junior
  3. Muhammad Atiq Arshad
  4. Amjad Ali Khan (defender) – in place of Irfan Senior, as Irfan has applied for visa in Dutch Embassy London, for any mishap, player Amjad Ali Khan will replace him.
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Pakistan lose to Germany 6-1 in test match Tue, 22 Oct 2019 16:32:05 +0000 Pakistan lost their first test match against Germany in Mönchengladbach 6: 1
2019 Test matches Germany vs Pakistan
GER v PAK 6 – 1
Goal Scorer:
Germany 12″ 46″ 37″ RÜHR Christopher, 20″ MILTKAU Marco, 31″ HÄNER Martin, 39″ STAIB Constantin
Pak: 46″ Umar Bhutta

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Condolence Tue, 22 Oct 2019 08:40:12 +0000 President PHF Brig (R) Khalid Sajjad Khokhar and Secretary General PHF Muhammad Asif Bajwa have condoled the sad demise of Mr. Moeed Khan, brother of Olympian Hanif Khan, Ex-Manager / Coach Pakistan Hockey Team.
The Entire PHF family expresses their deepest sympathies to Hanif Khan on this sad occasion. May the soul of the departed rest in eternal peace. May Allah Almighty give him and his family strength to bear this huge loss.

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