Hockey Olympian Press Conference

Former Hockey Olympians have united to support the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) and Pakistan hockey team in tough time where the team is going through rebuilding process.
Hockey Olympians during a press conference on Monday at Karachi Press Club raised voice in favor of PHF and the team who made their way out of the Asian Games losing to Japan in the semi-final contest, while also criticized the teams passion during the game.
“It is hard for the federation to change the things overnight, the team should get some time to tackle the things properly and to convert their defeats into wins,” said former Olympian Nasir Ali.
“It is unjust to judge them from couple of matches as they had given quite impressive performance at the group stage. The boys had put their efforts throughout but still there were some areas where the team lacked and lost to a lowly team like Japan,” he said.Hockey Olympian Press ConferenceThe former Olympian Qamar Ibrahim said that the team should be blamed and criticized for the poor performance. “The Federation has played their part well. They released the funds before the departure of the team and also provided them camps in the required venue national and International venues also gave them the required diet according to the need of top-class International coach,” he said.
He further appealed the government to release the funds for the PHF to let them work instantly for the betterment of hockey in the country.
Another Olympian Saleem Sherwani said that the team scored 45 goals in total at group stage which is itself is prove that the team is progressing by time.
“It is tough to revolutionize the things immediately, we need to give them some more time to show their strength,” Saleem stated.
Meanwhile, Olympian Ayaz Mahmood showed his confidence in the new government and the Prime Minister, Imran Khan that besides cricket he will also work to uplift the status of hockey in Pakistan.
Olympian Nasir Ahmed suggested the team to work hard on Penalty shootout ability which he thinks was missing in the last two games.
Pakistan hockey team lost to Japan in the semi-final of the Asian Games hockey and also gave up against Arch-rivals India in the bronze medal contest to come back home empty.