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Brief Background: Naveed Alam (Urdu: نوید عالم) (born 1-jan-1971) is a former field hockey player from Pakistan who is also known by his nickname as “Naveed alam Olympian”.He is considered to be among the best Defender in the history of Pakistan’s field hockey. He joined the Pakistan National Hockey Team in 1989.


  • Name: Naveed Alam
  • Age: 46 Years
  • Home Town: Sheikhpura
  • Number of Matches: 300
  • Number of Goals: 30
  • Position: Defender (Full Back)
  • Years in Hockey:
    As a player (1989-1998 (9 Years))
    As a Coach (2000-2014(14 years))
  • What got you started: 
    – Passion
    – Family Orientation
  • Achievements and Awards:
    World Champion (1994)
    Champion Trophy (1994)
    Junior World cup (1993)
    Olympian (1996)
    Asian Games (Bronze)
    Asia Cup (Gold Medal)
  • Pride of Performance
  • Dunhuang Award China (2003)
  • career: 
    Ex-Secretary PHA (Dec 2005- March 2007)
    Associate Secretary PHF (2005)
    Director Development and Domestic PHF