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Radio Pakistan remained associated with Pakistan hockey in its halcyon days.
Pakistan’s matches all over the world were covered live.
Radio commentators such as Farooq Mazhar, S.M. Naqi, Zakir Hussain Syed and Mazahir Bari, were household names.
PTV started live coverage of important hockey tournaments from early 80s.
Still, it was Radio Pakistan which reached the most homes in Pakistan.

Lately, hockey coverage on radio has declined but same is the case on TV.

Above was part of the discussion in Radio Pakistan’s weekly ‘Sports Magazine’ programme on its FM Channel.
Pakistan Hockey Federation’s Media Manager Ijaz Chaudhry was especially invited and it was an interesting 15 minute segment with the veteran sports journalist & broadcaster, Raja Asad Ali Khan

Among other things, the talk also focused on the reasons of Pakistan hockey’s decline and the efforts to reinvigorate it.
Lately, Pakistan hockey has shown some positive sings. Pakistan team has qualified for the next year’s World Cup, having failed to do so the last time in 2014 and also the last Olympics in 2016.
Recently, 11 foreign players appeared for the teams in the Nishan-i-Haider tournament in Karachi.
A star studded World XI is expected to play matches in different cities in very near future.
Plans are also afoot to start a professional hockey league on the lines of cricket’s PSL.

Radio Pakistan pledged to play its part in hockey’s revival. Hockey affairs will be a regular feature of the ‘Sports Magazine’ programme. PHF officials, members/officials of national teams and former hockey stars will be invited to participate.
Ijaz Chaudhry, on behalf of the PHF, thanked Station Director, Radio Pakistan Lahore, Ms Nazakat Shakila and the senior producer of Radio Pakistan,s FM Channel, Mirza Athar Latif for allocating time to hockey in the ‘Sports Magazine’.

Ijaz Chaudhry (Media Manager – PHF)