PHF Elections- Lahore District in progress

In the first phase of the elections of Pakistan Hockey Federation,
registered clubs are electing office bearers of their respective district hockey associations.
Official Results of Lahore & Mandi Bahuddin districts Lahore District:
The 19 registered clubs cast their votes and following office bearers of Lahore District Hockey Association have been elected:

President: Mr. Muhammad Amjad Ch
Senior Vice President: Mr. Muhammad Tariq Butt
Vice President: Mr. Muhammad Yaqoob
Vice President: Mr. Qadeer Bashir
Honorary Secretary: Hassan Akhtar Rasool
Joint Secretary: Mr. Mujahid Afzal
Treasurer: Shafique Bhatti


Representative: 1.       Col Asif Khokhar
2.       Asif Bajwa
3.       Qasim Khan



Eight Registered Clubs elected the following office bearers of Mandi Bahauddin District Hockey Association:
President: Muhammad Jamil
Senior Vice President: Khalid Mahmood
Vice President: Muhammad Ilyas
Vice President: Liaqat Ali
Honorary Secretary: Zaheer Qamar
Joint Secretary: Gull Hussain
Treasurer: Aamir Naveed
Representative Punjab Munawar Hussain Azzad