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Imran Butt (GK)

Imran Butt (GK)
Goal Keeper

Imran Butt, born on July 16 1988, is an international field hockey player from Pakistan. His profile and position in the squad is that of a goal keeper. Butt was one of two goal keepers in the squad at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, UK. He was part of the team that took home the bronze medal in the 2012 Championship trophy tournament held in Melbourne.

Name: Imran Butt
Age: 16/7/88
Birthplace: Lahore
Department: PIA
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 77 Kg
First Match: 2012-12-01
Position: Goal Keeper
Competitions: 16
Shirt #: 1
International Caps: 138
Matches Played:

Player Details:

Languages spoken: English
Position style: Goalkeeper
Sporting relatives: Older brother Rehan BUTT former captain of Pakistan national hockey team. (tribune.com.pk, 19 Jun 2013)
Ambition: “My dream is to stand atop the podium and receive a medal for my country.” (tribune.com.pk, 1 Jul 2014)