For the experienced traveler in Asian countries is not a direct cause for concern, but to develop a top sport culture, this can get in the way. On the other hand, there is an immense love for the sport. The complete adoration for everything that has to do with hockey is second to none. The training sessions are monitored by dozens of cameras. The matches are live on national television. Stadiums are filled by thousands of enthusiasts and the positivism of the average Pakistani is elusive to the down-to-earth Westerner.

That is why my heart immediately said yes on the first request to travel to Pakistan. Pakistan is like that holiday t-shirt that you can not fall in love with. That’s precisely why it attracts you like that. There are a hundred reasons not to go, but once you’ve been there, you will never let go. You only remember those unforgettable moments and forget the endless irritations.

If during the gala a gigantic confetti cannon is shot at a meter behind me, I am a millisecond in the delusion that it is all over. Was it really so ‘essential’ to go here? I dare not give the answer sincerely. Is this tour a drop on a glowing plate, or are we the first sheep over the dam. We will have to wait for the answer, but I secretly dream of the rebirth of Pakistani hockey.